Born of creative insight…

We look at you, your purpose, and your clients to craft the most effective ways to portray your business.

Think your brand is who you say you are? Think again. You’re not always judged by what you say, but in the way that you say it. Every font, color, illustration, photograph, or design sends a message or clue to your identity. The clues add up until a conclusion is reached. We’re here to make sure that conclusion is positive.

So let’s get to work. First, there’s the Q&A. Some might say we’re nosy. We prefer inquisitive. Is it a distinction without a difference? We don’t think so. We have to dig deep so that we have a clear understanding of what makes you and your clients tick.

Our purpose is to create an unmistakable visual identity. One that is instantly recognizable and more importantly, instantly understood. It will do you no good if your business is fly fishing gear and your brand screams beauty salon. We make sure your identity is as clear as your business purpose and as welcoming as a red carpet.

The maxim…

Form follows function isn’t the exclusive property of industrial designers and architects. Design, in all its forms, must be rational. It has to have a purpose beyond being an artsy wall-hanger. It needs to be informative and compelling, especially in a modern too-busy-too-read world.

We don’t design to win awards. We design to win business for you. That just means, we take the guesswork out of the design equation so that all communication is clear, consistent, and memorable.

In the 1970’s…

It was thought that consumers were exposed to more than 500 advertising/sales messages daily. Care to guess what it is today. Experts place the number at almost 5000. That means your brand and your message have a lot of clutter to cut through to be effective. Media is now earned, owned, paid, and shared producing hundreds of touchpoints for your customers.  Suite Three Studio will help you develop sound content-driven marketing strategies including compelling, entertaining, relevant, and always shareable content for all your networks.

Stephanie McGowan

Founder/Master-Crafter/Chief Creative Officer

Stephanie McGowan—creative, traveled, dry-humored, dog-loving, clairvoyant.

Stephanie is a creative. That’s what you’re called in the advertising industry when you can make an image appear on a printed page, design a logo, or produce an illustration that doesn’t look like it should be stuck to the fridge with a magnet. Some creatives are flighty, disorganized and emotional.  She is none of those things. She is goal-oriented and possesses an engineer’s understanding of how things work from package design to printing and from digital design to the science of color. Her project-management skills are always on-point, and her designs can knock your socks off.

Stephanie is a force. A force with just one weakness. A miniature brindled dachshund named Ume has her wrapped around her paw.

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